abril 10, 2004

La loca loca loca carrera de Arturo Ruedas

El día de hoy decidí darme una vuelva por los rankings and ratings de la DCI y me encontré ya en la segunda división (lugar 21) pero a un bueen de jugadores desconocidos dentro de los 20 mejores y peor aún, Arturo Ruedas en séptimo lugar del mundo. Fue por eso que decidí escribir esta carta.

Hi Reid,

Just writing to ask if you have seen the DCI Rankings lately?, Do you know mexican guy Arturo Ruedas? Well I don't. He's by now at 7th place of composite global ranking with 2092 points but that I remember I haven't seen him in a PT or GP, not even a local PTQ. I lied, I do know Ruedas, he was at my draft table last Nationals, and I remember that he suuuucks baddly.

You know, I love Magic, and a lot of mexicans loves MtG as well, but I don't know how to feel or what to do about things like this. I mean, are you guys at DCI a joke to people like Ruedas? (or some other guys you know the cases better than me and I don't want to mention the names by now).

You know, the worst part of this is, that there are other guys doing the same, I don't know if Ruedas is already playing a joke or not, but there are others in México abusing the liberties you allow, just check the
sudden succes of people like:

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[ información clasificada ]

They all are in the Mexican Top20 Composite Ranking, but none of them has made a single top8 in premiere events in the last 6 months. Some of them are barely know, or I should say unknow.

If I am writing this to you now, it's because I don't like the name of my country to be stained by people like this because you don't care.

Well, sorry if I was a little rude... please receive my kind regards,

Iván Cortés
DCI# 70722713